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Blithely we skip through the falling snow, unaware that our slippers are damper than the ocean at sunset. Wait. Damper ain't a word. Luckily for us, the average Canadian has a grade 5 vocabulary.

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Featured Release: Mike Harloff - Sunday's Best EP: iTunes / Mail Order

Mike Harloff - Sunday's Best (Album Cover)


Jul 10 '09 -

Big update! Bristol-based Mike Harloff, now going by the moniker 'Fitness Club Fiasco' has a new song up on his myspace, and will be releasing a full-length in the UK and Canada this fall! Also, Brantford swamp-rock band Dead Love Triangles have their Ford Plant debut full-length album, The Wandering Sickness available in our downloads section, completely free! False Heroics' album The Salvation Navy is now available via NoiseTrade, a very interesting pay-what-you-can/pay-by-recommending system.

Dec 14 '08 -

Mike Harloff is back from England and has a Dec 19 Christmas show in Hamilton at the FRWY Cafe!

Aug 6 '08 -

Mike Harloff is going on a short tour in Ontario, and then is off to England!

May 6 '08 -

Mike Harloff (formerly of SE) has joined the roster and is releasing his "Sunday's Best" EP. Listen on Last.fm, and buy on iTunes (or at his shows.)

Feb 2 '08 -

Pure Nard has our very own Last.fm label account!

Jan 4 '08 -

You can now listen to False Heroics on Last.fm

Nov 12 '07 -

False Heroics' "The Salvation Navy" is out in limited edition discs and online via iTunes! And Jon is moving out east, so they're done for a while.

Jul 7 07 -

echotel has joined the family!

Jan 28 07 -

False Heroics are mastering with Noah Mintz.

Dec 8 '06 -

Dead Love Triangles are now our cousins. They're more permanently being parented by The Ford Plant Recording Co.

Sep 2 '06 -

Adam's gotten married to his sweetheart, Autumn!

Jul 20 '06 -

Aaron DeVries has a new website, we're happy to announce!

Mar 2 '06 -

The False Heroics are coming back out of hiatus (due to Michael's cancer being in remission!) and are in the studio again with Jeff Wardell!

Mar 20 '05 -

Hyde Park has CTE'd. RIP.

Jan 2 '05 -

Asher has migrated elsewhere. False Heroics are looking to record soon! Happy new year!

Oct 15 '04 -

False Heroics and Aaron DeVries downloads!

Aug 25 '04 -

False Heroics are on tour out around the Canadian East Coast with Fighting The Fall!

May 25 '04 -

Hyde Park and Asher added to our roster.

Mar 17 '04 -

Straight Edge are dead, but we gave them tribute!

Mar 3 '04 -

The False Heroics brand new site is up.

Feb 3 '04 -

This game is addictive. Even saw it on CNN. Can't stop... playing!

Jan 2 '04 -

New site up!

Sep 19 '03 -

Our first release, The False Heroics-Stars Gone Black EP is now out and on the market!