Pure Nard is an entirely independent music label based in Brantford, Ontario.

If truth be told, Pure Nard Music started as a joke (and really has not ever progressed past that.) The False Heroic's Stars Gone Black EP had no label, so a logo with the unlikely moniker "Pure Nard" was slapped on the back. However, after that EP's successful release, we were struck with charity, and decided to carry on.



All music should be sent to here:

Pure Nard Music,
43 Peel St.
Brantford, ON, N3S 5L7

The music should be on cassette or cdr format. We don't have a minidisc player and you can send MP3s and suchlike, but the most sure-fire way of being heard is the old-fashioned method. The music should be tuneful, sexy and whacked-out. Otherwise we don't give a loon-stamped dollar what it sounds like or what 'demographic' it fits.

The packaging doesn't matter. You can send a cassette in glad wrap for all we care as long as it is audible and it comes with the following information:

a) full tracklisting
b) basic biography (band line-up, place of origin)
c) telephone number
d) street address
e) email address/website (if possible)

We listen to absolutely all noises sent our way: we play every tape and CD all the way through, so rest assured that we won't be throwing your material out of the window after ten seconds! If you have any further questions, give our indie architect of A&R a ding-a-ling.